Be Good

Be good - let the other people be bad
Be happy - let the other people feel sad
Be faithful - let the other people cheat
Be calm - let the others take the heat
Be honest - let the other people lie
Be certain - let the others wonder why
Be loving - let the other people hate
Be objective - let the others face their fate
Be accepting - let the others cast you out
Be trusting - let the others feel the doubt
Be forgiving - let the others dwell on the past
While they can’t sleep, your peace will last…

The Darkest Corner of the Psyche 

It is the darkest corner of the psyche, where we meet

It is the hidden abyss filled with false hope, where we greet

It is the forgotten land of promises, where our bodies interwind

It is there, my dear, where we love to lose our mind

Do you feel me when I yearn you in the middle of the night

I can meet you past the alpha state of consciousness with little, 

or no light

Only here, my dear, we can keep this crazed fantasy alive

In the darkest corner of the psyche, where our love can still survive

Stop beating yourself up, stop smashing glass against the walls

Meet me at 3am in your dreams, and we can play the same old roles

Of the perfect lovers that we craved to be, the perfect daughter that never came to be

Born from an unfruitful union of lust, almost perfect but lacked the trust

In the darkest corner of the psyche, I’ll meet you there if you still like me...


Alone But Not Lonely

There is something so powerful about being alone

Without the distraction of others - that’s what I call home

Many feel lonely amongst their own kind

Yearning for the true belonging they cannot find

Looking for the approval from all the wrong places

Where family members can just turn into random faces

You can’t truly know yourself when surrounded by the others

whose influence becomes part of you, your sisters and your brothers

There is something so powerful about being alone

The chance to withdraw within - that’s what I call home



We live at a special time when changes are taking place

It’s all up to us what the future brings, and what we’ll face

So make up your mind and take in my advice

Your wishes will come true, they better be nice

The fears are caused by knowledge, the knowledge that we lack

Assumptions and illusions made up behind out back

All I’m asking you to do is to open up your heart

To the life that you’re not happy with, but still are taking part 

Everything you see in others is present in yourself

The way you care about the people is a reflection in the common wealth 

But why would you care, if you fight to stay alive

And how do we dare, to make it look alright

Wake up from the dream, the dream of separation

Stand up, and get out of the swamp, the swamp of hesitation

You needn’t be successful to accomplish anything

You’re perfect just the way you are to whom I’m gonna sing

There’s no such power, truth out there to whom you should sell your soul away

The wisdom circles in your bloodstream every night and day

The crazy world that spins at rate unknown to humankind

Is nothing else than your attempt of peace you try to find

I know how it feels, when things ain’t going right

But you gotta keep it pushing, you gotta keep the fight

And the very darkest night, when you’ve completely lost the sight

Is always followed by the day, a warming ray of light


Trust Life

Everything you want, everything you desire
will be yours when you're ready to let it go
Detach yourself from the illusion called need -
take is slow, relax and breathe - you ain't needing nothing but love.
Physical things are destroyable, your love is unbreakable -
so use it wisely to heal he world...
Trust life as it is - keep it simple, dry your tears
Let's make this world a better place.