Giving a gift is a small giving. Giving love is a big giving. Forgiving is the biggest giving. ©Juki

There is never any reason for distress. You have the whole infinity to figure out things at your own pace. ©Juki

When you realise that your happiness doesn't depend on absolutely anyone or anything outside you, all Heaven breaks loose! ©Juki 

You will never fully enjoy the company of anyone, unless you learn to enjoy your own company first. ©Juki 

Independence is the most precious gift you can grant yourself.
Being non dependent on something or someone means you are in control of your happiness, and what's more important in life than that. ©Juki 

Those who walk alone are hundreds of times more powerful than those who walk with others out of fear of being lonely. ©Juki 

Freedom is believing in no limitations. ©Juki 
The greatest healer is your belief in being able to heal. ©Juki 

Sometimes criticism can be more uplifting than the admiration, that keeps you in the comfort zone. ©Juki 

Most people are unaware that they are godly beings having a human experience and that all creation begins with the imagination. Knowing that, what would you imagine next? ©Juki 

If life is a school, then the only thing to learn is to remember what your subconscious already knows. ©Juki 

Often times the most religious people are the least spiritual, and furthest from God. ©Juki 

To perceive information without any judgement is potentially one of the greatest traits one can have ©Juki

Everything 'bad' is good unloved ©Juki 
When someone hurts you bless them with love. It has absolutely nothing to do with you unless you choose to participate in their pain. They are the ones being hurt the most. ©Juki 

Time and space are tools for consciousness to observe reality. ©Juki 
There is no sin, just a mistake. Mistake can be turned around. Mistake is not a sin, mistake is not knowing any better. The only sin is the unforgivingness. ©Juki 
Heaven - Realisation of Self; Hell - Non Realisation of Self ©Juki